The extensive fleet of Goudriaan Transport makes it possible to transport all types of cargo. We transport a lot of the cargo with an open trailer, possibly with a truck-loader crane. The loader cranes are often used to load and unload the goods at every possible location. We are also specialized in exceptional transport, which is done both internally and by road for many different clients. Goudriaan Transport is specialized in width, length and heavy transport.

Storage and transshipment

It has recently become possible with us to store and transshipment all kinds of goods, such as machines and structures. We have a storage warehouse of 1750 m2. This warehouse is equipped with 2 overhead cranes, each with 2 cats of 16 tons. This makes it possible to store goods of up to 64 tons in our storage warehouse. In addition to transport, it is therefore also possible to store and transshipment the goods, so that we can offer a total solution to the customers.

Hoisting activities

Because our crane operators are provided with a TCVT Certificate, it is possible to carry out lifting work for our clients in addition to loading and unloading work. We have loader cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 80 ton meters. In addition, Goudriaan Transport also has a truck loading crane with Fly-jib, which allows lifting work to be carried out with precision in small spaces and at long distances.

Safety & laws and regulations

At Goudriaan Transport, we attach great importance to the safety of our personnel. It is very important that the personnel in the workplaces work safely. To ensure this safety, drivers are in possession of various certificates. In addition to safety, laws and regulations in the field of logistics are carefully observed. This applies to the field of permit and in terms of driving times and rest times.

Welcome to Goudriaan Transport B.V.

Goudriaan Transport BV is a family business that has existed for almost 100 years. The transport company is mainly engaged in exceptional transport.

For this we have an extensive fleet of flat trailers, semi low-loaders and low-loaders.

Various vehicles are equipped with a truck loader crane to enable loading and unloading themselves or to carry out lifting work. For this, the required certificates are also in the possession of the drivers.

Our company and our staff are VCA certified. The company is also ISO 9001 certified.