Hoisting activities

Goudriaan Transport carries out many different types of activities with loader cranes. One of these activities is performing lifting operations. There are various trucks and lorries equipped with loader crane. These cranes make it possible to load and unload the goods themselves where other cranes are not accessible. In addition to the fact that goods can be loaded and unloaded themselves, it is also possible to perform hoisting activities. This could include building installations or structures. In addition, it is possible to load or unload heavy machinery. The lifting work can be done both internally and externally.

The crane truck drivers are all in possession of a TCVT diploma. This makes it possible to carry out lifting work in addition to independent loading and unloading. This means that the crane trucks can be used in different ways.

It is important that the work is carried out safely. For this reason, the drivers are in possession of various certificates and the means are inspected annually.