Open Transport

We offer various transport options to our customers. One of these transport options is open transport. The open transports are carried out by our trucks with our flat trailers, semi low-loaders and euro low-loaders. Because we have a large number of varying trailers, we are flexible and we always know how to find a solution for the objects to be transported.

Because a number of low trailers in our range of trailers, we can carry out ride orders without applying for an extra permit and the ride can be carried out for the customer in the short term. This allows the costs for the customer to be minimized.

Many types of freight can be considered under the term open transport, from pallets to building materials and machines. Everything is possible to be transported by us.

Sail cargo around

It often happens that the cargo must be protected from wind and rain. If these goods are oversized, they cannot be loaded in a curtainsider trailer, but on a flat trailer, semi-low loader or low loader. Goudriaan Transport sails the cargo, so that the cargo is still protected against wind and rain.

If the cargo is in size, it will be easy to transport in one of our curtainsider trailers, also called tautliners.

Slant Load

Goudriaan Transport has the expertise to load the load at an angle. This makes it possible in some cases to transport goods directly and not to wait for an permit first. By loading the goods at an angle, the dimensions in some cases remain within dimensions and the freight can be carried out immediately. Because no permit has to be applied for, customers will not have to pay any permitcosts. This will minimize the price of the transport.