• We’re safe movers.



At Goudriaan Transport, we attach great importance to the safety of the personnel. It is important that personnel know how to work in their workplaces in the safest possible way. For this reason, the drivers are in possession of various certificates. Every driver who works at Goudriaan Transport has a VCA certificate. When obtaining this certificate, you will learn how to work as safely as possible. In addition to all drivers being in possession of a VCA certificate, Goudriaan Transport is also in possession of a company certificate VCA.


The Goudriaan Transport drivers are also in possession of an ADR certificate. As a result, the drivers have knowledge of the dangerous substances that can possibly be transported. It is important for drivers to know the dangers of dangerous goods. This is important for the safety of the driver and his working environment.


Every driver / crane operator at Goudriaan Transport is in possession of a TCVT certificate. Because the drivers are in possession of a TCVT certificate, it is also possible to carry out lifting work with the crane in addition to loading / unloading. In addition to the drivers being in possession of a TCVT certificate, all loader cranes are also TCVT certified. This is neatly performed annually.

Periodic inspection of lifting equipment

The lifting equipment of each truck loader crane is inspected annually. This applies to both chain work and lifting straps. This will increase the safety of using the hoisting equipment. It is important that the lifting equipment is in good condition for the safety of the driver and his environment.

Laws and regulations

Incidental and long-term exemptions

Goudriaan Transport has a number of long-term exemptions. As a result, an exemption does not have to be requested for every transport request, because the exemption of the specific route or weight and dimensions is already available.

If the transport falls outside our long-term exemption, it is no problem due to our knowledge and experience to still apply for an incidental exemption for the transport to be carried out. By applying for exemptions it is possible to transport all types of cargo.

Drive and rest times

Every driver has to adhere to the driving and rest times that apply within the laws and regulations. The planning department of Goudriaan Transport, together with the drivers, ensures that nobody gets in trouble and that driving times are kept within limits.