Goudriaan Transport has been certified as an approved learning company!

Goudriaan Transport is fort he first time declared as a recognized training company. The Act Education and Vocational Education obliges MBO students to follow the practical part of their training with a recognized training company. Because Goudriaan Transport is a recognized training company, it is possible for MBO students to follow their internship at Goudriaan Transport.

This collaboration is there to ensure that students provide the best practical training with a view to a targeted job.

To qualify as a recognized training company as a company, the company must of course meet a number of conditions. First of all, it starts with offering a good and safe workplace that is fully in line with the student’s education. During the internship period, the student practices the profession for which he / she is in training. The student learns to immediately apply the work processes and activities that are learned at school in practice.

Professional Guidance

The practical trainers of Goudriaan Transport have a guiding and educational role. The practical trainers pay attention to the trainee and support where necessary.

Goudriaan Transport employs staff with a great deal of knowledge and experience. As a result, the trainee will contribute a lot of professional knowledge and the trainee will be well motivated. It is important that the practical trainers ensure that the trainee feels responsible for his / her learning process and functions as an employee.