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Exceptional Transport

Goudriaan Transport is a transport company that has been engaged in mainly exceptional transport for years. Goudriaan Transport is distinguished by its specific knowledge and experience for heavy and exceptional transport throughout Europe. Goudriaan Transport has an extensive fleet, which consists of heavy tractors, extendable trailers, semi low-loaders, euro low-loaders to carry out all possible exceptional transports. Our drivers take care of the too wide, heavy, high and long loads throughout Europe, this is all done with certified tensioning material.

Goudriaan Transport has a continuous permit in the Netherlands and abroad. Goudriaan Transport also has the knowledge and experience to apply for an incidental permit in order to transport all types of objects.

Exceptional Transport is also understood by the name: Special Transport, Heavy Transport, Convoi Exceptionnel, Exceptional Transport.

Width transport

Goudriaan Transport is specialized in transporting wide loads. Both internally and on public roads. Goudriaan will always come to a good solution because of the knowledge and experience.

Length Transport

In addition to transporting wide load is Goudriaan Transport also specialized in the transport of cargo with length. Goudriaan has trailers which 3-fold can be extended in order to transport cargo of up to 45 meters. We have the knowledge and experience to carry goods to these lengths.

load forward

Goudriaan Transport specializes in transporting cargo with length. We have the expertise and experience to load the goods over the cabin and then drive lengths with the shortest possible total length of vehicle plus trailer.

Goudriaan Transport owns a truck with a low cabin. For easy loading over the cabin.