Curtainsider Transport

Goudriaan Transport has curtainsider trailers. If the load is in size, it is possible to transport the load in the curtainsider trailers. This protects the goods against wind and rain and is therefore transported dry. So the cargo does not have to be sailed. It is possible to transport all kinds of cargo in the curtainsider trailers. This can vary from skids to machines.

With the curtainsider trailers it is possible to load from the sides and top, this increases the comfort during loading. Because loading can be done from the top, goods can be loaded with the crane.

Truck mounted forklift

It is also possible to take a forklift truck with the curtainsider trailer, which allows the driver to load and unload the trailer himself. This will mean that no forklift is needed at the loading / unloading location to load / unload the trailer.