Storage and Transshipment

It has recently become possible with us to store and transship all kinds of goods such as machines and structures. We have a storage warehouse of 1750 m2. This storage warehouse is equipped with 2 overhead cranes, each with 2 cats of 16 tons. This makes it possible to store goods of up to 64 tons in our storage warehouse. In addition to transport, it is therefore also possible to store and transship the goods, so that we can offer a total solution to the customers. The storage warehouse is ideal for storing project cargo. As a result, the customer has only one logistics partner in the entire transport process.

It often happens that customers have to store goods temporarily or long term. We have a storage warehouse that is ideal for this. In addition to transporting, storing and transhipment of the cargo, we are also prepared to label the cargo.


In our storage shed we have two overhead cranes, each crane is equipped with two cats with a lifting capacity of 16 tons. By properly coupling these cats, it is possible to lift 64 tons of cargo. To make this possible, we have two lifting beams, with each lifting beam it is possible to lift a weight of 32 tons. This makes it possible to store, transfer and transport 64-tonne cargo.